Tuesday, April 3, 2012


As Umba Box gets it feet under it, it keeps getting better and better! At $26 a month, you receive a surprise item or items each month from the handcrafted market. Unlike samplers, you are getting a full sized item, generally with a retail value a bit more than the cost of the box (and you aren't paying the shipping charge, which usually comes to at least six bucks.) Umba is for those who love the handmade market and want a handmade surprise every month. For someone like me, that's a great deal, since I tend to purchase a lot of Etsy, Zibbet and ArtFire items anyway, and in this format it's like buying myself a secret present every month.

Another thing I like about Umba, is that if there's an item I'm not crazy about, I can put it aside and save it for any last minute gifts and it's in the price range of what I usually spend in those circumstances. They will let you return an item and extend your subscription by a month, but I prefer my method :-) Arrrrrrr Matey, I'm a happy pirate!

You can also browse their blog at http://blog.umbabox.com/

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