Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Seasons Box under "new management" AGAIN!

 I loved my first Seasons Box so I went ahead and got a one year subscription back in May. Early Fall they went under "new management" and today I got an email that it's happening AGAIN.

So here's the email I got just about an hour ago:

Dear SeasonsBox Members,

We would like to inform our valued and loyal customers of the major changes happening within the SeasonsBox company.

As of February 1st 2014, SeasonsBox will be under new management. This transition has contributed to shipping delays with some customer's January Box but we are working tirelessly to get everything shipped and running smoothly as soon as possible.

Through this transition, we hope to bring positive changes within SeasonsBox by improving the customer service, customer interaction and your overall web experience.

These are exciting times for us and we are anxious to share these improvements with you as they develop so please stay tuned.

We thank you for your continued business and patience.

Please forward all your queries, concerns and feedback to seasonsboxcustomercare@gmail.com.

Kind Regards
SeasonsBox Management

So sweet BABY JEEBUS, here's hoping I get my (as yet unreceived) January box. And here's hoping I get my boxes that are supposed to go through the June box (I paid for a year in May but was told by the apparently now 'old management' that a month would be added onto my subscription because of the October box that was worth almost $20 less than the box cost.) Oy vey. 

In my defense, when I got my first box, I was really impressed and the reviews had all been spectacular. Full sized items from natural and handmade sources, an online store where you could buy items from past boxes at a discount if you were a subscriber (originally one of the reasons I bought a year's subscription, only to have that option disappear under the now OLD "new management"), a subscriber referral plan (now also gone) and an interesting mix of products- not just bath and skincare. 

I don't expect giant scores with all of my subscriptions. The smaller ones and the ones geared toward handmade and natural items don't have powerhouse corporations throwing their newest multimillion dollar campaign item at them to give away. I don't mind breaking even for the chance to be exposed to interesting and unique products. I don't want to be screwed over and actually LOSE money either, which is what happened with my October box. 

So I'll let ya know what happens. January will be gone soon, so hopefully I still get my box. And hopefully the new owners will honor previous subscribers and even more hopefully, they'll turn this train wreck around. The last 2 months were looking up, so fingers crossed that this trajectory continues and I don't get completely jacked over. Even more so, here's hoping the people who bought year subscriptions when they were advertised in December don't lose it all.

Uncertainty bites.

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