Sunday, January 12, 2014

Influenter Vox Box product reviews

I got the E Boost in orange, which I find to be a bit bitter. It does a great job giving focus and non-jittery energy, I just recommend a different flavor. I'm a huge fan of the pink lemonade, myself. It really makes you feel more alert and alive and gives an overall sense of well being. And it's such a great price! Why spend your money on the empty calories of soda that will only cause you to crash when you can pop this into your water for a healthier and more pleasant boost? Highly recommended.

BBW/ Slatkin & Co Pumpkin Cupcake Candle - This had a great scent, a spicier pumpkin and not as cloyingly sweet as some Bath & Body Works pumpkin scents can be. I got the mini which was the absolutely perfect size for my bathroom. It gave off a lovely scent without being overwhelming. Also quite long burning!

Kiss Ever Pro Lashes starter kit - well these were short lived and back to the drawing board REAL darn quick, and it's easy to see why. You basically were paying extra for their 'handy' placement tool for false lash newbies, but all I experienced was TONS of frustration. This fancy pants pair of plastic tweezers actually made application MORE difficult, I was practically in tears forcing myself to use it. After about 20 fruitless and frustrating minutes, I gave up and just used my fingers like God intended. The lashes themselves are fabulous- thick, lush and beautiful. They look best with a swipe of liquid or gel liner over the edge after application for a more seamless look.

Not Your Mother's Smooth Move frizz control hair cream - smells great, like fresh coconut, but unfortunately for me, it's meant for coarse or thick hair, it made my baby fine hair look clumpy and greasy. I've read awesome reviews of this stuff from people with the right hair so it's not the product's fault, it just wasn't meant for my hair type.  For those whom it works, good news - it's very inexpensive and easy to find!

Spin Pins by Goody are possibly my favorite invention of the last decade. I LOVE these things with every inch of my tiny black heart. They make putting up your hair take about a tenth of a nanosecond and they give great hold without tearing out your hair or poking holes in your scalp. Now they even make these adorable tiny ones that are excellent for fine hair and are great for doing lil Princess Leia buns or, one of my fave styles, three little messy buns along the bottom of my head.

  NYC IndividualEyes Dark Shadows compact
I am not a brand snob, and I've used other products from these guys that I was perfectly happy with, but dang if this wasn't a big ol' bust for me. The shadows were ridiculously crumbly and roughly milled, my hands were covered in shadow after running the applicator across the colors. There was so much fallout that I had to actually wash my face with soap and start my entire face all over again. The concept is awesome, an included primer and cream highlighter? Too bad the execution is a nightmare- the primer is a joke- when I used this primer the shadow was creased LITERALLY within 5 minutes after application. With the super excellent Too Faced Shadow Insurance it fared only slightly better, I got maybe 45 minutes crease free. I even patted my lids first to make sure there were no residual oils. The colors came out very muddy and 80's looking. I happened to need to go to Sephora the (2nd) day that I used this and I was actually embarassed, it looked cheap. I for sure don't mind something being cheap on my wallet, but I'll be damned if I'm going to wear something that looks cheap on my mug.

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