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Blissoma- Natural, Effective, Fabulous!

     I've used a number of Blissoma products, and across the board there hasn't been a single dud in the bunch. Using ingredients that are natural, organic, free of chemicals and nasty byproducts that are then put together by a woman with an education in actual chemistry, what you are left with as an end product is genuine nutrition for your skin. In fact, all of the products with the exception of the deodorants are even certified vegan.

My skin has become ragingly sensitive over the years, reactive redness, rosacea, ad infinitum. Adaptive Energy Tonique leaves my skin feeling balanced and soothed. I use it after washing my face and it prepares my skin for my serum and moisturizer. It's also fabulous during the day to revive my makeup (and my psyche.) In the mornings it's bright subtle scent is a great way to start the day. My last rosacea flare up, I actually kept this by my side so that any time I began to get itchy I could spray this on my face and stave off the desire to claw my face open like a rabid hyena.

Skin Type: Sensitive, Demanding                    100% Vegan - 100% Natural

This Adaptive Energy Tonique provides a clean burst of highly absorbant, water-based botanicals and nutrients to facial skin - like an health drink you can spray.

The base is a specially prepared infusion of fresh organic cantaloupe. It brings Vitamin A, B3, B6 and potassium to our blend as well as a fresh melon aroma. 

Organic Rhodiola, Holy Basil, and Red Clover help skin respond to internal and external stressors, process environmental pollutants, and hormonal fluctuations. Organic Calendula helps heal blemishes, synthesize collagen, and soothe irritations.

Spray directly onto facial skin after cleansing, mask treatments, or anytime during the day to give skin a boost of hydration and high functionality. Allow to absorb and then moisturize. Can also be used to set mineral makeups.
Each 4 oz container is approximately a 2 month supply.

Made of:
Water, Infusion of Rhodiola rosea*, Ocimum sanctum* (holy basil), Trifolium pratense* (red clover), Lonicera japonica* (honeysuckle), Calendula officinalis*, and Avena sativa* (oatstraw), Cucumis melo (cantaloupe) Infusion*, Grain Alcohol*, Aloe barbadensis Juice*, Essential oils of Pelargonium roseum (rose geranium) and Citrus bergamia (bergamot) FCF, citronellol**, geraniol**, linalool**, limonene**
*from Certified Organic Agriculture
**natural components of essential oils

Herbal Gel Cleanser & Makeup Remover is downright miraculous. Again with my sensitive skin- this causes no irritation at all. Some makeup removers leave my skin with a bit of a burning or stinging sensation that luckily subsides pretty quickly most of the time, but it still sucks. No such problems here, it actually feels quite nice and like the toner is also quite soothing, even during a flare up. But the kicker is, it actually WORKS. Super gentle, yet somehow it removes even stubborn eye makeup with ease (and if you ever have watched my videos, you know I loves me some eye makeup!) The toner test afterwards shows that your skin is super clean with no residue clinging to your skin. Despite cleansing so thoroughly, it doesn't leave your skin feeling dried out and doesn't alter your skin's ph balance. Score!

Skin Type: Ultra Sensitive, Eye Area, Oily/Problem, All types and ages 
100% Vegan - 100% Natural

Free is a duo-purpose, restorative gel cleanser for when you need to remove difficult makeup and all the day's dirt in one easy, healing wash. 

Free is the ideal match for the most reactive and allergic skin types due to it's super pure, simple, and elegant botanical construction. Its ingredients may be easy to understand, but don't underestimate the uniqueness of how they work together. Together in this beautifully balanced gel herbs, soapbark, and gentle organic oils come together to rinse skin clean and balance it all at once. 

Organic, food-grade Soapbark extract makes bubbles for your face that everyone can enjoy. Along with the fun of sudsing up an infusion of organic Yerba Mate sweeps over your skin bringing with it 196 active compounds. That's more than the ever-popular Green Tea. The 11 Polyphenols Yerba Mate boasts possess potent cell protective properties. Combined with anti-inflammatory Olive Leaf, soothing Linden, regenerating Self Heal (Prunella), and gentle Cornflowers your skin has every reason to be restored. Even the delicate eye area can be easily washed free of waterproof makeup without tugging or any skin distress.

This gel rinses to a lighter and almost "squeaky" clean than our Fresh Mild Rice Cleanser. It's still free of any actual soaps though, and is the correct, skin-friendly, acidic PH. Free is also decidedly and appropriately "free" of even natural origin irritants. Free has no scents at all, no ethyl alcohol (grain alcohol), gluten, or nut ingredients, and avoids the usual list of synthetic nasties that never appear in our recipes. If you have really reactive skin then this cleanser is suitable for you.

Moisten face. Dispense 2 or 3 pumps into hands and apply to skin including eye area for makeup removal. Massage gently to remove daily impurities. Remove with warm water, using a washcloth for extra exfoliation and makeup removal. Pat dry. Tone and moisturize.
Each 4 oz container is approximately a 1 month supply when used twice daily.

Glycerin, Infusion of Ilex paraguariensis* (yerba mate), Medicago sativa* (alfalfa), Prunella vulgaris* (self heal), Plantago major* (plantain), Rubus idaeus* (raspberry leaf), Centaurea cyanus* (cornflowers), Olea europaea* (olive leaf), and Tilia europaea* (linden), Caprylyl capryl glucoside (Ecocert vegetable source cleanser), Vitis Vinifera (grapeseed) Oil*, Helianthus annuus (sunflower) Oil*, Leuconostoc/Radish Root Ferment Filtrate, Quillaja saponaria* (soapbark), Cetearyl Alcohol and Cetearyl Wheatstraw Glycosides, Gluconolactone, Xanthan Gum
*from Certified Organic Agriculture

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