Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hippies Bath & Body

Hippies Bath & Body is a handmade company that I first got exposed to through different sampler boxes. Well, now I've used the solid lotion, the lip balm, AND the soap and I'm here to tell you, they hit a three'fer!

Their mission statement is :

About US

Located in the beautiful James River Region in Central Virginia, Hippie's Creations is a small artisan studio where we handcraft all of our products. Hippie's Creations is a family business. Each items is handcrafted and by buying our products, you are supporting not only a small business but a family that is proud to bring you quality products"

not only do they sell bath and body products, but also handmade jewelry, bath puppets, leg warmers and more! One stop shopping :-) 
Hippie's Bath & Body Flower Power Soap Bar
"My bars of soap may not be the fanciest around but they are handmade goodness for dry, itchy and ashy skin and scalp. My family and I have been using these soaps we have noticed how our skin is so soft & smooth. We also have heard customers saying the same thing about our soaps…their skin feels clean, good and soft.

I take pride in making my soaps- and use hot press method. I am inpatient and while I occasionally use the cold press method, hot press allows me access to my soap faster and well, lets me use it.

Why handmade soap? Because most manufactured soap makers remove the glycerin from their soaps and then sell it to increase their bottom-line. But is exactly the reason behind people experiencing dry, tight, itchy skin when they use these store bought soaps. My soaps contain the natural glycerin which helps moisturize your skin."
I would compare the feel of this soap to Ivory soap as far as skin feel. It doesn't have all the harsh ingredients that some use to create a lot of suds, so it rinses quickly and cleanly with no residue. Honestly my first thought upon using this was that it would be great to use on squiggly and impatient children! Right now this is in my upstairs bathroom soap dish that I keep by the sink. I wash my hands a lot, and I like that it doesn't dry my skin out and makes hand washing a quick affair.
Hippies Creations Lotion Bar in Relax
"What is a solid lotion bar? It's thick and rich, it's great for very dry areas of your body, or rubbed lightly all over.
Solid, portable convenient packaged in a push up container. Just rub into your skin for instant relief of dry skin! Great for elbows, heels, and just about anywhere!"
This is next to the bed, as I've been using it nightly on my elbows, knees and feet. I like to warm it up in my hands and then really massage it into my feetsies. it's extremely moisturizing and makes battered, cracked heels look new again (for a little while, at least!)
Saving the best for last, I ADORE their lip balm. I have a tube in Buttercreme, and it is DIVINE. Extremely emollient and goes on so smoothly it's like rubbing satin onto your lips. It makes them downright slick, they're so soft, and it gets all the cracks and crevices like the inner bit of the lip that so many balms don't seem to want to get to. The smell sends me over the moon- it is so very very yummy! I cannot stress enough how much I adore this lip balm. This is my current "downstairs balm" (I keep a tube in the living room so that at any point when I'm downstairs and want lip balm I have a tube handy. I'm an addict.)

So visit your handcrafting artisans and shop indie! (Yes, I am aware that I also worship at the altar of Lancome, but I have room for all of my children in my heart!)

(Update for any vegans out there- there is beeswax in the balm and lotion- just an FYI. )

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