Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sinful Colors, you have made me angry!

Sinful Colors is a drugstore brand of nail lacquer that I had grown to trust. They've always had great colors that made them a deliciously affordable impulse buy when stopping to pick up prescriptions or toilet paper. The color San Francisco is a rich and velvety green with a slight metallic tinge to it. It also lasts a long time and is really durable. I had some on my toenails this summer that stayed on for two full weeks with me running around barefoot!
Around Halloween I went to Walgreens and nearly wet myself when I saw the color Neon Melon. Much to my chagrin, it chipped in multiple places the very next day. I redid my nails and used a clear coat. Guess what? It chipped even worse! WTF?!?!?! It is also so watery that even after MANY coats, it was still ridiculously sheer. I saw another review referring to it resembling painting on your nails with a highlighter. Someone suggested painting it over a white polish to get a less sheer look, but I don't feel like buying another polish just to use this one up. BOO! I think from now on I'm going to spend a few more bucks and go for slightly better brands.....

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