Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Tantalizing Sampler

The great thing about so many sampler companies being out there is that there are so many options to find new handmade goodies. There are some companies, like my adored SBS Teas that are seemingly in everyone's sampler, and then there are those companies that you never would have heard of without their affiliation with a specific company. I always get excited to see what new surprises await me! 

The Tantalizing Sampler is one I just heard of recently because Anam Cara candles advertised them, and I'm a big fan of Anam Cara's scent tarts. The December box is $18.00 and goes on sale December 1st, as well as a smaller grab bag for $12.00. 

SBS Teas included a sample of their Cat's Meow Green Rooibos, along with a personal teabag sachet. Their tea grab bags are an EXCELLENT Christmas gift- I just stocked up myself. $7.95 for a paper bag chock full of loose and bagged teas. An awesome value that blows your normal tea sampler out of the water.

Sterling Silver Earrings from Shaped By Hand. I believe these to be with Czech glass, but I could be wrong. Very well made and striking with hair worn down.
Midnight Design Studio printed gift tags. Their web page is no longer valid, so they appear to have died a quiet death...
Lip Smackin' Creations Warm Strawberry Comfort instant coffee has got me excited- just been waiting for the perfect mix of cool weather with an early day. I'll let you know in a few days!
From The In-Scent Factory is a sample bag of 10 assorted cone incenses.
Here is what was left by the time I took the picture of my Fleur DeSel caramels from The Caramel Jar....I'm ordering some tonight so I can truly show you the glory of an unbitten chunk :-)
So let's call this pic from their web page the before picture!

From Simply Lavish Bath Co comes 2 delightfully scented bath samples. A hotel sized sample of Round The Way Girl soap and a jello shot sized sample of the hypnotic Pink Panties Bath Salt. I've been holding it up to my nose and simply inhaling :-)
We have a bag full of Aroma Beads in a sealed bag to keep the scent, but with a drawstring bag to use with it when you're ready to let the scent loose and 2 ice cube sized samples of solid lotion from Fran's Candle Creations. My only complaint is that the scent names aren't on the package, so I don't know them if I want to reorder.
From Delightful Scents is their trademark superbly scented products in 2 forms this sampler. We have a large bag of Baby Powder Aroma Beads Car Fresher, and these babies (har har) are super scented. I think these would even be enough for a small room! Then we have a tea light 2 pack in the divine Citrus Cream scent, which makes me fantasize about Dreamsicles.

I saved my favorite for last, these stunning, vintage inspired 'ear bobs' as my granny would call 'em -from Grape Suzette.

So a pretty rad haul for less than twenty bucks! I love me some big sampler deluxes, but these are a nice impromptu splurge. Any of these indie companies would be a superb place to get unique holiday gifts in every price range imaginable. Dig in and go wild and make this a handmade holiday! Check out other articles on my blog to get ideas on more awesome indie shops to scope out inventive ways to give the gifts that will stand out!

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